Fr. Jacques Jefferies



Worship and other Church related activities at Emmanuel Anglican and Uniting Church and Kergunyah Uniting Church are suspended until further notice.

Please note that for the safety of yourself and others, you should not enter the church premises unless it is absolutely necessary.

In the interests of caring for the health of our young children and their parents and carers, Church Council has recommended that the Tuesday Playgroup is suspended until further notice.

Community Shop Closed
The Church Council recommended that the Community Shop close until further notice. Emmanuel Council members will dispose of the donations left at the shop door to be sorted or dispersed or discarded in personal rubbish bins. The Council is mindful that this decision will affect our funds, but the important consideration is the health of our volunteers, many of whom are elderly folk and of course visitors to the shop. 

The Mission of Emmanuel Church
Emmanuel Anglican and Uniting Church is a joint congregation called to build each other up in the wholeness of the faith as one worshipping and caring community in West Wodonga. The congregation seeks to witness in the community and the world, by word and deed, to the grace and liberating power of Jesus Christ.
Following Christ, we seek to:
share the Good News of the Kingdom of God

  1. nurture believers in Christ within a life-giving community of reconciliation

  2. listen to each generation and culture so as to live out the Gospel in fresh ways

  3. respond in compassion to human need by loving service

  4. live justly, seek justice for all, and transform unjust structures of society

  5. care for creation and safeguard its integrity pursue God’s mission in partnership

  6. care for creation and safeguard its integrity

  7. pursue God’s mission in partnership

The notes below may help us to reflect a bit deeper on the first six points.
1. Share the Good News of Jesus Christ: In our congregation, different denominations work closely together in harmony, meeting the challenges.
2. Nurture believers in Christ within a life-giving community of reconciliation: We seek to grow in our faith while seeking to resolve issues with our partners, and others around us.
3. Listen to each generation and culture so as to live out the Gospel in fresh ways: We seek to broaden our outlook and our ability to welcome others of different ages and backgrounds.
4. Respond in compassion to human need by loving service: Our Meeting Place was built to provide a place where some needs of our wider community could be met. We seek to build on the current situation.
5. Live justly and seek justice for all:
We seek to advocate for justice within our partnerships and for the powerless in our society.
6. Care for creation: We seek to use energy, and our land wisely.
7. Pursue God’s mission in partnership: We were founded in partnership with Anglican and Uniting Church parishes, and seek to develop these and other partnerships as God leads us.

Direct Offering
Direct Offering is a service that makes it easy for Uniting Church members to make regular contributions directly to their congregation by means of Direct Debit. It’s safe (you don’t need to carry cash) and it's flexible — you can increase, decrease or even cancel your pledge at any time. 
A Direct Offering facility means you can still give even when you’re away and lets you avoid having to play catch-up upon your return.

Key Features

  • •Eliminates the need for cash transactions;

  • •Allows for regular contributions even if church members can't regularly attend worship;

  • •Giving can coincide with donor’s income — weekly,  fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually;

  • •Provides the congregation with regular income and cashflow;

  • •Income is credited directly into the recipient’s interest-bearing account in UCA Cash Management Fund.

    To make application speak with our congregation Treasurer LouAnne Stabb or apply online for an application form at:

Emergency Relief Support
Many years ago members of the Emmanuel Church congregation commenced providing non-perishable food items to be presented during worship with our offerings. These items were then delivered to UnitingCare Wodonga for distribution through the Emergency Relief Centre. All members of the congregation are welcome to continue this support to Uniting Wodonga as it is now known. Your weekly contribution of whatever you can offer will be greatly received. 

Food Basket at Emmanuel
When you do your weekly grocery shopping, please keep in mind the Food Basket at Emmanuel each Sunday. These gifts go to Uniting Wodonga for distribution to help  local community folk as needed.

Safe Church Policy at Emmanuel
You are probably aware that Emmanuel Church Council is implementing the Safe Church Policy. All who hold a leadership role of any sort at Emmanuel, including Elders, Wardens, Congregation office-bearers and people on the worship roster, must hold a current Working With Children Check. This applies also to Community Shop and ground maintenance volunteers. If you are included in the list above and are yet to get a WWCC, see the information sheet for further details.

Emmanuel name tags
If you would like an Emmanuel name tag, please get in touch with LouAnne, Harold or Ted in the next couple of weeks.


Emmanuel Building Security
There have been instances recently of doors left unlocked after Sunday worship. We ask that church members continue to close and lock windows and doors, but also that the last person leaving the building at any time check doors and windows and activate the security system.

Emmanuel Tuesday Prayer Group
Everyone is welcome to come along to this group whenever they can. If you are unable to get here please consider pausing wherever you are, at the scheduled time, to pray for the Emmanuel congregation.

Prayer Requests at Emmanuel
If you wish to make a prayer request at Emmanuel on a Sunday morning please make sure it is in the Prayer Book (at the entrance to the church) prior to the commencement of worship. The book will be taken to the front of the church by the welcoming Elder/Warden.

Non-perishable food items  – at Emmanuel each Sunday
Folk are reminded of the need for these donations, which get passed on to Wodonga UnitingCare. Every small donation helps those who are in need in our community.

Opportunities for Prayer requests at Emmanuel
Emmanuel folk are reminded that there are a number of ways in which they can request prayer or praise for themselves or others:

  • at worship each Sunday morning – write it into the book in the church entry;

  • at the Tuesday morning prayer group.

Please remember, if you are asking prayer for others, that you need to obtain their agreement beforehand. All requests will be kept in confidentiality among the group in which they are offered.

Two Birds, One Stone Cafe
at St John’s Anglican Church, Wodonga.
serving hot drinks and food : morning & afternoon teas and lunch.
Opening hours:
Tuesdays: 9:30am to 1:00pm.
Market Saturdays: 9am to 2:00pm.
all profits go to various charities including Our Table to Yours                                      
.... everyone welcome

Thank you
The Emmanuel Elders & Wardens offer their sincere thanks to all the members of the congregation who, week by week, so willingly help out in the kitchen with morning tea when the rostered duty teams are under-staffed. Our fellowship each Sunday over morning tea is appreciated by all of us. And a big thank you also to all the folk who have continued over the years to offer their services month by month on a duty team. Such dedication! Thank you.

Wodonga City Tip Vouchers
If you have any vouchers that you will not be using, the Emmanuel Church Grounds and Maintenance Group will gladly receive them and put them to invaluably use. Please speak with Harold, Rod or David.